The Amal Field is Harouge’s largest and most important oil field.  It is located in the eastern Sirte basin covering a large area measuring 35 x 120 km.  About one third of Libya’s production of oil is received at the Amal Field from other fields located in the eastern part of the Sirte Basin and pumped to Ras Lanuf Terminal. 

The Amal Camp is located in the desert approximately 180 km South of Adjdabija and some 80 km North of Gialo.  The Camp was established nearly 30 years ago located with our then client VEBA, now Harouge.   Historically the site was home for approximately 25 employees but of late this number has swelled to 65, placing considerable demands upon the old and tired infrastructure.  Recent upgrades include an expansion of the Mess Hall, refurbishment of the kitchen, improvements to accommodation, the erection of a new guardhouse and new accommodation containers for our Libyan staff.  The current Camp Supervisor is Mr Bohdan Domolewski.

This summer saw the commencement of two new projects.  Although old and a little tired there is a great deal more life left in Amal, and with some more tender loving care and timely investment there is no reason why Amal shouldn’t last for another 30 years!