The Camp Supervisor of 103D is Mr Manfred Loidl.  The Camp, which was protected by Ahmed and Salem Albashik (who act as the area Public Relations Officers) and 3 armed soldiers, was practically unmolested during the 2011 Revolution.  Now, some 2 years after the end Revolution, 103D is a thriving Camp which is home to 75 VAOS employees.  This multi-national group live and operate out of 103D, with people committed to the Service Contract with Zueitina Oil Company, to Project LY26/11092, whilst others are committed to the life-support of their fellow colleagues.  Those living in 103D make the most of the facilities and are motivated to making life as comfortable as possible.  103D is a well administered and run Camp where our people live harmoniously with one another.  The Camp offers additional accommodation for 15 Senior Staff and 65 Junior Staff.