Zueitina Terminal

Zueitina Terminal is situated in the Central Northern part of Libya on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  The nearest sizeable town is Ajdabiya, which is situated at the Eastern end of the Gulf of Sidra: located on an arid plain about 6.4km from the sea and is approximately 850 km from the Libyan capital of Tripoli 150km from Libya's second largest city, Benghazi.  Zueitina Terminal is a large Camp, which houses the greatest number of VAOS employees.  Currently there are 180 occupants from 10 different countries: at its busiest the Camp housed over 350 people.  The Camp is the base from which we deploy personnel in support of the General Maintenance Contract we have with Zueitina Oil Company and 3 separate Projects.  The Camp provides logistical support to other Camps and is the central repair point for the refurbishment of accommodation containers.