Nafoora (Currently Inactive)

The Nafoora Oilfield is situated in the north-eastern part of the Sirte basin and discovered in early 1965. Nafoora was the latest Camp to be acquired by VAOS.  The land was purchased from a Croatian Company in 2002, with the accommodation comprising of just a few trailers.  The site was evacuated in February 2011 as a consequence of the Libyan Revolution and was not re-occupied by VAOS until May 2013, in the intervening time the Camp was occupied by the Libyan Army on a number of occasions.  Today, the brick built accommodation rivals the best on offer in other VAOS sites.  Currently the Camp houses 53 VAOS employees from 13 different countries.  The Nafoora residents are employed in various roles working as part of a project, in direct support of our clients or in a life-support role. 

The current Camp Supervisor, Mr Petar Colak, has been in charge since 2008.  The Camp’s importance is likely to increase in 2014, assuming we successfully secure a number of potential projects.