Ghani (Currently Inactive)

The Ghani Field was discovered in 1972 in the western Sirte Basin. The Ghani Farrud sweet oil reservoir was discovered in January 1978, while the Ghani main station was built and commissioned in 1980.  The main reservoirs include the Farrud (sweet crude) and the Gir/Facha reservoirs (sour crude). The EdDib Field is located just east of the Ghani Field and offers significant (sour crude) development potential.

The VAOS Camp, which was first established in 1986, is co-located with our client Harouge Oil Operations.  It is from here that we provide manpower to Harouge Oil Company as part of our General Technical Services Contract.  Ghani is managed by Mr Dalibor Savicic and houses 116 employees from 13 different nations.