VAOS Ltd is Hiring Welders for our various operations.  If you are interested in any of the below roles, kindly forward your CV to: HR@VAOS.COM .  Applications are open from the 28th July 2022 up to the 30th November 2022


Interprets basic welding plans and specifications

Operates SMAW power sources

Lays out, positions and secures parts and assemblies according to specifications

Tack-welds or welds components and assemblies

Inspects grooves, angles, or gap allowances, removes rough spots from work piece

Welds components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions

Develops templates and other work aids to hold and align parts

Cleans welding equipment before and after use

Weld all required welding jobs as per the issued maintenance work orders or client specifcations

Repairs and installs lead pipes, steel plates and tank linings

Welds components in flat, vertical or over head positions

Main Responsibilities:

Analyzes engineering drawings and specifications to plan layout, assembly and welding operations

Observes tests on welded surfaces, to evaluate weld quality and conformance to specifications

Installs or repairs defective /equipment, such as lead pipes, valves, floors, and tank linings

Cleans equipment prior to welding

Work Experience:

Minimum of 3 yrs experience gained in a similar role, having good basic of arithmetic

Academic/Skills Qualifications:

      Trade Certificate/TESDA Certified

Determines required equipment and welding method, applying knowledge of metallurgy, geometry and welding techniques

Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair and maintenance

Professional driving license – clean driving record (no property damage accidents)

Expected to have knowledge of Health & Safety policies, procedures and strategies

Good communication skills, ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing in English language



Basic knowledge of applied codes & standards (such as ASME section 9 and/or AI 1104)

Prospective candidates should demonstrate that they have the adequate knowledge, skills and abilities to perform such important role in a remote location.  

Job Summary: 

Designs and drafts all kinds of technical drawings, including scanning and printing, and ensures that all as built drawings are in accordance with American/European engineering standards.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Designs and drafts all kinds of technical drawing, including scanning and printing.
  • Visit the project sites from time to time to get the as-built drawings.
  • Ensures that all drawings are in accordance with client requirement or established company standards.
  • Maintains close coordination with Project Engineers for different projects.
  • Analyzes scope of works before initiating drafting activities.
  • Compiles, labels and secures all as-built drawings.
  • Develops a system for easy retrieval of as-built drawings.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned by the Project Engineer.
  • Supports Company and Department policies and programs.
  • Observes and obeys Company rules and regulations.
  • Participates in Company activities when required.
  • Aligns his activities with the Company ISO Standards.

Work experience:

At least 5 years hands-on experience in the same capacity, preferably from an engineering, construction, or on-shore drilling companies.


Graduate of Engineering from a reputable University.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Basic knowledge of ASME & API Standards
  • Excellent methodical and hands-on experience in using Auto Cad 
  • Excellent methodical and hands-on experience in  using MS Project
  • Advanced ability to read and analyze technical drawings and scope of works
  • Good knowledge of US/European engineering standards

Location: Libya

If you are interested in this position, kindly reach us by sending your CV and motivational letter to: 







Department / Division: IT


Applications are open from the 1st July 2023 up to the 01th January 2024.



To administer and oversee network design, implementation, organization, and troubleshooting. managing network hubs, routers, and servers; monitor underlying communications protocols and supporting network hardware.


Designs, specifies, and documents LAN configurations according to user needs, utilizing outside support resources as appropriate.

Helps install and customize LAN instruments to allow company computers to retrieve information from the mainframe and allow data to be entered from the PCs.

Prepares charts and diagrams to explain network operation and to train employees in proper use

Prepares checklists and processes for LAN help desk.

Develops and monitors appropriate security procedures to safeguard system from physical harm and viruses, unauthorized users, and damage to data.


Main Responsibilities:   

Interfaces with users, consultants, technical teams, and vendors for maximum guidance in determining the most appropriate type of hardware installation.

Surveys performance needs and goals of LAN users

Analyzes workload, including traffic and utilization trends.

Supervises networks.


Location:  Malta


Relationships: The post holder will be accountable to the Director and have close relationships with co-workers

Environment:  Office shared




Work Experience:

No experience with LAN technologies, including multiple network operating systems, protocols and wide area networking.  Inhouse training will be provided.

Strong knowledge and experience with PC hardware and software technology as well as UNIX system administration, file interchange, shared network resources, internet access and electronic mail.


Academic/Skills Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, MIS or equivalent

Demonstrated analytic, written and oral communication skills

Specifications: Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities


Review: The Job Description is subject to review by the Company any time at its sole discretion, and to change as the Company deems appropriate.